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1 Quart 5W-20 Motor Oil. A Synthetic Blend formulation with superior

QT 5W-20 Motor Oil
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    1 Quart; 5W-20; Motor Oil. A Synthetic Blend formulation with superior base oils and the most advanced additive technology available to exceed the latest fuel economy standards while meeting the highest industry standards for wear control; piston deposits; cleanliness and sludge; oxidation control; and emission system and seal compatibility. This will extend overall engine life; drain intervals; & reduce environmental impact. Licensed API SP by the American Petroleum Institute(API) as well as all previous classifications. It is compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils. Excellent Fuel Economy. Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) Protection. Piston Cleanliness For Turbocharged Engines
    Model No SUS 121
    UPC 085051001213
    Width 4 in Length 2 in Height 9 in Weight 3 Lbs
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