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1 Quart STP Heavy Duty Ceramic Oil Treatment protects your engine for

QT STP HD Ceram Oil
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    1 Quart; STP Heavy Duty Ceramic Oil Treatment protects your engine for up to 20;000 miles. Advanced Lubrication Technology is specially formulated for pickup trucks; SUVs and commercial vehicles. Add this STP oil treatment to your car care routine to help protect vehicles under extreme conditions like towing; heavy loads and severe hot or cold temperatures. Heavy duty protection extends the engine life and keeps your engine running smoother and quieter. The protective ceramic layer performs under extreme hot or cold temperatures and prevents deposits and sludge build-up with continuous cleaning. It also improves gas mileage; helps improve engine oil flow; helps increase horsepower and reduces harmful emissions. To use; add this automotive cleaner treatment at 20% of the system's capacity; such as 1 quart of the treatment for every 4 quarts of motor oil. This auto cleaner treatment is for use in conventional or synthetic motor oils and is safe for all gas and diesel engines.
    Model No SBOCMH32-1US
    UPC 071153491069
    Width 3 in Length 3 in Height 9 in Weight 3.51 Lbs
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