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Digital Hand Held Radio Scanner Receives VHF Lo 29 Mhz To 54 Mhz Air

DGTL Hand Held Scanner
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    Digital Hand Held Radio Scanner Receives VHF Lo 29 Mhz To 54 Mhz Aircraft 108 Mhz To 136.99166 Mhz VHF Hi 137 Mhz To 74 Mhz VHF Ham 216 Mhz To 225 Mhz Government/Military 225 Mhz To 406 Mhz UHF 406 Mhz To 512 Mhz Public Service 700 Mhz & 800/900 Mhz & Ham 1240 Mhz To 1300 Mhz Skywarn Provides Instant Access To Frequencies Used By Storm Spotter Networks To Monitor Storm Conditions As They Occur Same/All Hazards Weather Alerting Displays The Weather Event & Sounds An Alert For A Chosen Specific County Or Counties Digital AGC Instantly Compensates For Low User Audio Levels That Are Common On Digital Systems Object Oriented User Interface Features Common Data Entry Browsing & Control Methods For Every Scannable Object Scan List Allows Arranging Grouping & Scanning Objects According To Preference Free Form Memory Organization Allocates Memory Dynamically & Efficiently As It Is Needed.
    Petra Model No. WHIWS1040 UPC 052303406997
    Width 4 in Length 10 in Height 4 in Weight 2.45 Lbs