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Quick Strap Water Heater Restraint Tested & Recognized Water Heater

WTR Heater Restraint
Item #: TV206798
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    Quick Strap; Water Heater Restraint; Tested & Recognized Water Heater Bracing System; Double Body Strap; Designed For Water Heaters Up To 80 Gallons; Quick Link System Allows For Full Adjustment From The Front Of The Water Heater; Eliminating The Need To Wrap The Strap Around The Back Of The Heater & Creating A Quick Installation; Includes: 4 Straps; 4 Lag Bolts; 4 J-Clips; Two 3/8" Carriage Bolts & Two 3/8" Hex Nuts; Strap; 24 Gauge CRS; California Division State Architect Approval #97-010 UPC/IPC/IAPMO Listed; State Of California Accepted & City Of Los Angeles Approved; & Meets All Current Code Requirements.
    Model No QS-50
    UPC 671119901504
    Width 10 in Length 14 in Height 2 in Weight 3.7 Lbs
    United States