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Snowtek Combination Utility Snow Shovel & Chisel Utility Shovel Is G

Util Snow Shovel/Chisel
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    Snowtek; Combination Utility Snow Shovel & Chisel; Utility Shovel Is Great For Snow; Utility Work; Vehicle Snow Emergencies; Ice Fishing; Winter Construction & More; A High Density Plastic Shovel Head; A High Strength Aluminum Hex Shaft; A Hidden Steel Chisel & A Consumer Replaceable Wear Edge Made Of An Impact Resistant Plastic; Shovel Head Has 3 Positions; Locked In The Down Position It Is A Multi Purpose Utility Shovel; Locked In The Up Position Reveals A Hidden Steel Chisel Head; In The Third Position The Shovel Head Is Removed From The Shaft & They Can Now Be Used As 2 Separate Tools; Wear Edge Is Great For All Surfaces & Won't Cause Scratching Or Gouging When Used On Vulnerable Materials Such As Vinyl Or Wood.
    Model No 070330
    UPC 858120004169
    Width 10 in Length 34 in Height 4 in Weight 4.1 Lbs
    United States