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Harmful Dust Respirator, Approved By NIOSH As An N95 Respirator, Meeti

Harmful Dust Respirator
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    Harmful Dust Respirator; Approved By NIOSH As An N95 Respirator; Meeting The NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Respirator Certification Regulations; This Respirator Is Not Intended Or Approved For Use Against Toxic Odors; The Odor Filter Portion Of The Product Is Intended For Use Against Nuisance Level Concentrations Of Organic Vapors Only; Applications Include: Relief From Non-Toxic Household Odors Latex Painting With A Brush Or Roller; Sanding/Sawing Wood; Installing Fiberglass Insulation; Hazards Include: Particles; Dust; Nuisance Odors; Latex Paint; Drywall Dust; Saw Dust; Product Information Is As Follows: The Built-In Carbon Filter Helps Reduce Low Level Nuisance Odors; While The N95 Class NIOSH Approved Respirator Traps 95% Of Non-Oil Based Particulates.
    Model No 10102485
    UPC 641817021408
    Width 7 inches
    Length 2 inches
    Height 9 inches
    Weight 0.17 Lbs