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Krud Kutter 32 OZ Concentrated Spray House Wash

32OZConc Spray HSE Wash
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    Krud Kutter; 32 OZ Concentrated Spray House Wash; Built In Hose End Sprayer; Cleans Exterior Vinyl & Aluminum Siding As Well As Painted Or Stain Wood Siding Or Shingles; Also Cleans Brick; Concrete; Stucco; Masonry; Gutters & Roofing Of All Types; Removes Dirt; Chalking; Oxidation; Weathered Wood; Tree Sap; Bird Droppings & Tough Stains From Mildew; Mold; Algae; Fungus & Moss; Also Works On Patio Furniture; RVs; Autos; Boats; & More; Mix With Water & Apply With Scrub Brush Or Pump Up Sprayer Or Use In Pressure Washer; Safe For People; Pets & Plants; Approximately 1;000 SQFT.
    Supreme Chemicals
    Model No: HW32H/4
    UPC: 618818991757
    Width 6 inches
    Length 2 inches
    Height 10 inches
    Weight 2.25 Lbs