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Shockshield, 15A, White, Portable GFCI Single Outlet Adapter, With Sur

GFCI Surge Protect Plug
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    Shockshield; 15A; White; Portable GFCI Single Outlet Adapter; With Surge Protection; Provides GFCI & Surge Protection For Appliances Used Indoors; Also Perfect For Use In The Basement; Garage Or Workshop; Weather Resistant Enclosure Makes It Well Suited For Use Outdoors; By The Pool; Boat; Or RV; Use With Power Tools; Lawn Equipment; Battery Charges; Or Any Other Place Where Electricity Could Come In Contact With Water; Portable Size Measures Less Than 3"H x 2"W; Turns Any Outlet Into GFCI Receptacle; Trip Level: 4-6 Ma Trip Response Time For Ground Fault Less Than 25m & Grounded Neutral Trip; MOV Rated At 314 Joules; 120V/15A Portable GFCI Works With Power Tools; Saws; Drills; Extension Cords & Lighting Applications; UL Listed.
    Model No 14650006-6
    UPC 024098900332
    Width 2in Length 3in Height 2in Weight 1.67 Lbs
    This product contains material that, the State of California has determined, may cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information go to