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65W Bronze Fluorex Yard Light Lights Up To 20640 SQFT

65WBRZ Fluorex YD Light
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    65W; Bronze; Fluorex Yard Light; Lights Up To 20;640 SQFT; Equivalent Light Output Of A 175W Mercury Vapor Fixture; Dusk To Dawn Operation; Color Corrective Blue Rich Full Spectrum Lamp Provides Superior Light Quality For Night Vision; 70% More Efficient Than Mercury Vapor; 40% More Efficient Than High Pressure Sodium; Operates In Temperatures To -20; Instant Strike & Restrike; No Ballast Hum; Made Of Light Weight GE Lexan For Durability & Easy Mounting; Replacement Lamp; Use True Value# 842-989.
    Brand Lights Of America Model 9166 UPC 755277916607
    Width 10in Length 10in Height 15in Weight 5 Lbs