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10.3 OZ Rid-X Powder Bacteria Additive 100% Natural Ingredients

9.8OZ Rid-X Powder
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    9.8 OZ; Rid-X; Powder Bacteria Septic System Additive; 100% Natural Ingredients; New & Improved Super Concentrated Power 2X; Digests Protein 50% Faster & Better; All Types Of Household Organic Food Waste Even Paper; Good For 1 Monthly Application In Homes With 1;500 Gallon Systems; Environmentally Safe; Lighter; Non-Clumping Formula; Patented Bacteria Enzymes That Are Specifically Engineered To Target Key Septic System Waste Components; Starch; Fat/Grease; Protein & Paper.
    Brand Reckitt Benckiser Model 1920080306 UPC 019200803069
    Width 4in Length 1in Height 8in Weight 0.73 Lbs