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1/2" Rigid Copper Tube Size x 100', White, Pex Coil, For Hot/Cold Wate

1/2CTSx100 WHT Pex Coil
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    1/2" Rigid Copper Tube Size x 100'; White; Pex Coil; For Hot/Cold Water; Use With 1/2" Quick Connect & Brass Pex Insert Fittings; W Type B Burst Pex Pipe Rated 1;100 PSI At 73 Degrees Fahrenheit; 375 PSI At 180 Degrees Fahrenheit; Type B Silane Method Pex Has More Anti-Oxidants & Thermal Stabilizers Which Is Critical For Chlorine Ratings & Recirculation Systems; Type A;B;C Are European System Designations Not Rating/Grading System For Pex; Do Not Use Duct Tape; Pipe Dope; Threading Compound; Mineral/Linseed Oil; Support Pipe Every 30" Vertically & Horizontally; Protect Pipe When Entering/Exiting Slab Or Walls; Do Not Kink Or Expose To Sunlight; Minimum Clearance To Water Heaters; Boilers; Wood Burning Appliances 18"; Recessed Lights 12"; Gas Appliance Vents 6"; NSF-61 FDA; CSA/ASTM; UPC Listed/Approved; 25 Year Warranty Even When Used With Other Manufacturers ASTM SDR-9 Certified Fittings; Covers Materials; Labor & Is Not Pro-Rated.
    Model No U860W100
    UPC 697285261006
    Width 23in Length 23in Height 13in Weight 5.9 Lbs