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Roundup 1 25 Gallon Pump' N Go Refill Refill For The Roundup Pump N

1.25GAL Pump Go Refill
Item #: TV105550
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    Roundup; 1.25 Gallon; Ready To Use; Pump' N Go Refill; For The 1.33 Gallon Sprayer; Hard On Weeds; Effective In Cool & Cloudy Conditions As Well As Warm & Sunny; No Mixing; No Measuring; Use In/Around Vegetable Gardens; Flower Beds; Tree Rings & Mulched Beds; As Well As On Cracks In Driveways; Walkways & Patios; Kills To The Root; Guaranteed; Fast Visible Results In 6 Hours & Rainproof In 10 Minutes; Active Ingredients:2% Glyphosate; 2% Pelargonic Acid & Related Fatty Acids.
    Scotts Ortho Roundup
    Model No: 5003810
    UPC: 070183500383
    Width 8 inches
    Length 6 inches
    Height 12 inches
    Weight 11.75 Lbs