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Reckitt Benckiser 6233882314 Air Wick, 6.17 OZ, Freshmatica Ultra Aut

Air Wick6.17OZ Refill
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    Air Wick; 6.17 OZ; Freshmatica Ultra Automatic Spray; Cool Linen & White Lilac Scent; Can Set It To Spray Light Fragrance Every 9; 18; 36 Minutes For Constant Freshness; Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh Automatically; A Range Of Clean; Pure; Wonderfully Refreshing Fragrances Inspired By Water Based Botanicals; Capture The Freshness Of Nature In Your Home & Freshness Of A Cool; Sparking Stream Mixed With The Light Scent Of A Summer Evening Breeze; Fits In Starter Kit; True Value #814-824.
    Reckitt Benckiser
    Model No: 6233882314
    UPC: 062338823140
    Width 3 inches
    Length 3 inches
    Height 6 inches
    Weight 0.59 Lbs