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As Seen On TV Speedout Damaged Screw & Bolt Remover If You've Ever Str

Speedout Screw Remover
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    As Seen On TV; Speedout Damaged Screw & Bolt Remover; If You've Ever Stripped A Screw Or Broken Off The Head Of A Bolt; Easily Remove Any Stripped Screw In 10 Seconds Or Less; Never Again Be Slowed Down Or Frustrated By A Stripped Screw Or Broken Bolt; If You Can Use A Drill You Can Use The Speedout; Works So Well It Can Even Remove 4" Long; Stubborn Deck Screws Out Of Redwood; Even If You Break Off The Entire Head Of A Screw Or Bolt; You Can Still Extract It Right Out.
    Model No: 1000246
    UPC: 735541208157
    Width 2 inches
    Length 5 inches
    Height 8 inches
    Weight 0.26 Lbs