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5,000 Count 2-3/8" x .113 Ring Shank Nail Bright Finish 20 Degree Full

5000CT 2-3/8 Frame Nail
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    5;000 Count; 2-3/8" x .113 Ring Shank Nail; Bright Finish; 20 Degree Full Round Head; Plastic Collated Framing Nail; Standard Tensile Strength; Sencote Coating Fits Senco SN60; SN65; FramePro602; FramePro652; FramePro700XL; FramePro702XP; FramePro752XPp; GT90FRH; Dewalt D51845; DuoFast NSP83; CN350; CH350B; NSP-350F1; Hitachi NR90AC; NR90AC@; NR83A2; NR83A; Porter Cable FR350A; FR350MAG; Airy ABL-8290; ATRO RHS-900/921; Bostitch N88RH-1; RN90; N95RHN; Campbell Hausfeld; NS2090; Fasco F5C-RHN20-90; Hilti RHN9020; Makita AN922 & AN8300; Max SN890RH; SN80; SN90; SN90A; Spot Nails XPRO90; Stantech SDN11; Supco SFN11; Applications Include Framing; Trusses; Subfloors; Sheathing; Decking; Siding; Fencing; Pallets; Crate Assembly & Wood To Concrete; Box.
    Model No: GL24APBSN
    UPC: 741474205095
    Width 7 inches
    Length 12 inches
    Height 6 inches
    Weight 36.2 Lbs