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3 Piece Trim Kit Scraper's Thin Profile Allows It To Slide Under Mol

3PC Trim Kit
Item #: TV220693
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Price: $16.99

    3 Piece; Trim Kit; Scraper's Thin Profile Allows It To Slide Under Moldings; Trim & Casework Then Lift It With Minimal Marring To The Underlying Wall; Use The Wide; Sharp Corners Of The Scraper To Remove Excess Paint In Hard To Reach Areas; Made With Strong Spring Steel To Remove Stubborn Nails & Other Fasteners; Use The Tack Puller's Forged V-Chisel Tip To Remove Tacks; Staples; Brads; Trim Clips & Upholstery; 1 Piece All Forged Tack Puller Is Stronger Than Standard Tack Pulling Tools; Use The Nail Set's Concave Tip For Fast Positive Setting Of Nails & Brads; Nail Set's Textured Non-Slip Grip Reduces Shock; Set Includes Tack Puller; Scraper Bar & Nail Set.
    Model No 96
    UPC 018371503174
    Width 4 in Length 1 in Height 14 in Weight 2 Lbs
    United States