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As Seen On TV 10 OZ Flex Glue Pro Rubberized Super Adhesive Bonds &

10OZ Flex Glue Pro
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    As Seen On TV; 10 OZ Flex Glue Pro; Rubberized Super Adhesive; Bonds & Sticks To Any Surface Even Wet & Under Water; Easy To Use; Super Strong; Rubberized; Waterproof Adhesive That Instantly Bonds; Seals & Repairs Virtually Everything; Super Thick Adhesive Clings To The Surface & Can Be Used On Dry Or Wet Surfaces; Instant Grab Holds Objects In Place & In Most Cases; Eliminates The Need For Braces; Mildew & UV Resistant; Paintable; Solvent Free; VOC Compliant; Low Odor & Will Not Shrink Or Crack; Won't Run Or Drip & Can Easily Be Applied To Vertical & Overhead Surfaces; Can Bond; Seal; & Repair Virtually Everything; Cartridge.
    Model No GFSTANR10
    UPC 852808007633
    Width 2 in Length 2 in Height 11 in Weight 2.9 Lbs
    United States