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CaiKote 44 Silver Based 1.0 Electrical Kit Contains Swabs & Brushes

CaiKote SLV1.0 Elec Kit
Item #: TV220232
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    CaiKote 44; Silver Based 1.0 Electrical Kit; Contains Swabs & Brushes; Conductive Silver Coating; For Most Surfaces Rubber; Epoxy; Glass; Plastic; Ideal For Repairing Membrane Buttons; Keyboard Buttons & Other Carbon/Silver Based Surfaces; Also Be Used As A Coating For Shielding EmI Of Electronics; 1 Step; Allowed To Dry & Is Ready For Service; Repairs Membrane Buttons; Keyboard Buttons & Other Carbon Based Surfaces; Shielding Of Electronics; May Be Mixed With The Circuit Writer Conductive Silver/Nickel Based Ink To Acquire The Best Sheet Resistance For Each Application.
    Model No K-CK44-G
    UPC 697429014208
    Width 3 in Length 2 in Height 5 in Weight 1.45 Lbs
    United States