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Hard Wire Smoke & CO Alarm With Alexa One Link Safe & Sound Alexa Vo

Smoke/CO Alarm/Alexa
Item #: TV254937
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    Hard Wire Smoke & CO Alarm With Alexa; One Link Safe & Sound; Alexa Voice Services Enabled; Enjoy The Full Suite Of Features Found On Amazon Echo; Ask Safe & Sound To Play Music Or Audiobooks; Read You The News; Control Smart Home Devices & More; Leveraging Your Home's Hardwiring & Using Optimal Ceiling Placement; Safe & Sound Fills Any Room With Immersive; 360 Degree High End Audio; Advanced Microphones Let Safe & Sound Hear Your Voice Commands From Any Direction Even When Music Is Playing; 3-In-1 Alarm Is Also Powered Intelligent Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Protection; Warns You About Danger In Your Home & Its Location With An 85 Decibel Alarm Plus Voice Alert; Home App; Safe & Sound Can Also Remotely Notify You Of A Smoke Or Carbon Monoxide Emergency In Your Home Via Your Phone Or Tablet; Safe & Sound Installs Just Like A Standard Hardwired Smoke Alarm.
    Model No 1039102
    UPC 029054018229
    Width 3 in Length 8 in Height 8 in Weight 3.66 Lbs