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Acid Magic QT Muriatic Replacement Acid Can't Burn Your Skin

QT Muriatic Repl Acid
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    Acid Magic; QT; Replacement Muriatic Acid; User Friendly; Won't Burn Intact Skin; Advantages Of Acids While Nearly Eliminating Many Of The Dangers Including Burns To Intact Skin; Buffered Hi-Quality Hydrochloric Acid; Full Strength Power With 90% Reduction In Fumes; Great For Adjusting Pool & Spa Water Chemistry; Masonry Applications In Preparation For Painting & Concrete Etching; Acid Wash Or For General Maintenance Use To Remove Calcium & Other Mineral Build Up In Hot Water Heaters; Toilets; Tubs; Showers & Cooling Towers; Acid Magic Should Not Be Used To Aid Of Effect Any Pool Disinfectant Product Or Other Water Modifier. Sold in Cases Of 15
    Model No USA/32-1
    UPC 093912847122
    Width 12in Length 19in Height 11in Weight 33.6 Lbs