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10 OZ Tube Crack Stop Elastic Crack Filler Fills Cracks Up To 1"

10OZ Crack Stop Filler
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    10 OZ; Speed Seal Blacktop Crack Filler; Premium Quality High Performance Rubberized Compound For Repair Of Asphalt Roads; Driveways; Pavements; Expansion Joints; & Walkways; Seals Foundation Walls & Other Pavement Surfaces. Fills Cracks Up To 1"; Dries In 60 Minutes To A Dark Black Finish; Seals & Waterproofs; Coal Tar Free; Coverage: Provides Approximately 32 Linear Feet Of 1/4" Bead; Tube.
    Brand Gardner Gibson Model 6439-9-66 UPC 027134643965
    Width 2in Length 2in Height 11in Weight 1.02 Lbs
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