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26 OZ Enhanced Formula CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner Deodorizer

26OZ CLR Bath Cleaner
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    CLR Brilliant Bath Cleaner is a multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaner that has a powerful foam spray formulated to quickly cut through dirt; calcium; lime; hard water deposits and soap scum. Use on most kitchen and bath surfaces including ceramic tile; shower doors; sinks; bathtubs; white grout & caulk; toilet bowls; fiberglass and kitchen countertops. Will not remove rust and do not use our cleaner on vinyl; marble; mirrors; plastic laminates; wood; fabrics; painted surfaces; colored grout or wall coverings. Part of the EPA's Safer Choice Program; recognizing the product as a safer alternative to chemicals and contains no phosphates; ammonia or bleach. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area first.
    Model No BK-2000
    UPC 078291219265
    Width 9in Length 7in Height 12in Weight 12 Lbs