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Spray & Forget SFSRC-6Q 32 OZ, Super Concentrate, Spray & Forget

32OZ Conc Spray/Forget
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    32 OZ; Super Concentrate; Spray & Forget; With Built In Hose Sprayer; Pre-Mixed; Revolutionary Patent Pending Cleaner That Removes Green & Black Algae; Mildew; Fungus & Lichen Stains From Roofs; Siding; Decks; Brick; Stucco & Other Exterior Surfaces; Biodegradable; Non-Corrosive & Does Not Require Damaging Power Washing &/Or Brushing Techniques; There Is No Rinsing Required & Your Landscaping Will Not Be Compromised; An Eco-Friendly Product That Does Not Contain Any Bleach; Chlorine; Lye & Heavy Metals Or Acids.
    Spray & Forget
    Model No: SFSRC-6Q
    UPC: 895756000028
    Width 5 inches
    Length 2 inches
    Height 10 inches
    Weight 3 Lbs