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22 QT Pressure Cooker/Canner 5

22QT Pres Cooker/Canner
Item #: TV169805
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    22 QT; Pressure Cooker/Canner; 5; 10 & 15 LB Selective PSI Automatic Pressure Control Plug; Pressure Monitoring Device Built Into Handle; Made Of Heavy Gauge Aluminum; Heavy Duty Side Handles; Holds 30 Half PT; 16 PT; 14 Wide Mouth Pints Or 5 QT Jars; Quick Even Heating; Rustproof; Dishwasher Safe; Cuts Cooking Time Up To Two Thirds; Repetitive Safety Valve; Can Be Used Over; Triple Safety Device; Locking Handle Safety Feature Prevents Opening Under Pressure; Includes Over Pressure Release Valve & Gasket Release Window; Pressure Control Clearly Identifies When Proper Pressure Has Been Reached.
    Model No: 92122
    UPC: 072009921228
    Width 13 inches
    Length 16 inches
    Height 17 inches
    Weight 14.5 Lbs