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2 Gallon 7.5 Liter Type I Red Gas Can Fully Compliant High Performance

2GAL Type I Red Gas Can
Item #: TV133107
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    2 Gallon; 7.5 Liter; Type I; Red Gas Can; Fully Compliant; High Performance; Chemical Resistant Stainless Steel Flame Arrester; Stops Flashback Ignition; Faster Liquid Flow; Exceptional Durability & Corrosion Protection For Long Life; 3-1/2" 88 mm Precision Mesh Screen; Ensures Safe Insertion Of Gas Nozzle With Metal To Metal Contact Eliminating The Potential Of Spark & Possible Explosion; Self Closing Lid Controls Vapors & Spills; Ergonomic Design; Leak Proof; Positive Pressure Relief Cap Automatically Vents To Guard Against Rupture Or Explosion; Warning Label Includes Large ID Zone For User Labeling To Avoid Misuse; Reduce The Potential For Incompatible Mixtures; Or Designate Department Location Or Individual Owner.
    Model No: 7120100
    UPC: 697841139879
    Width 10 inches
    Length 10 inches
    Height 14 inches
    Weight 4.45 Lbs