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Gordon's Gallon Ready Pour Formula Pondmaster SeClear Algaecide & Wate

GAL Pondmast Algaecide
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    Gordon's; Gallon; Ready Pour Formula; Pondmaster SeClear Algaecide & Water Quality Enhancer; Kills All Types of Algae Including Toxic Blue Green Algae; Controls Planktonic; Filamentous & Plant Like Types Of Algae; Helps Stop Algae Before It Starts By Reducing The Phosphorus Available To Fuel Growth; Fewer Applications & Lower Use Rates Are Necessary When Used Preventatively For Use in Still or Flowing Aquatic Sites Including Ponds; Lakes; Reservoirs & Potable Water Sources; Will Not Harm Fish Or Livestock When Used As Directed.
    Pbi Gordon
    Model No: 3251072
    UPC: 070251325726
    Width 3 inches
    Length 6 inches
    Height 12 inches
    Weight 9.5 Lbs